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Our vision and mission at Hillside is to “Lead People to Christ Centered Living.”

We are a local church that is part of the larger body known as The Wesleyan Church. Hillside is one church with two locations (or campuses). Our worship times are 9:30am (Ritcey Campus) and 11:00am (Parkway Campus) on Sunday mornings. We strive to Love God, Connect with Others and Serve the World. We have one mission, one leadership team, and one governing body to strengthen all that attend either of the campuses.

We will speak about the incredible change God makes in our lives as we encounter Jesus in a personal and meaningful way. That change comes from the Holy Spirit who guides and directs our lives as we trust in Him.

We follow Jesus, His example, His teachings, His grace and love for all. We believe Jesus wants us to share His love and tell others about His plan of redemption. Just as Jesus spoke to His first disciples to go and make more disciples, we live to make a difference by seeing the purposes of God multiply and expand in our community, region, country, and around the world.

We invite everyone to become a part of the life and activity of Hillside starting with their first visit. That can be as easy as completing the connection card, or staying for coffee and conversation following the worship experience and continuing to the point that a person is leading and influencing others toward Jesus.

You will not find any perfect people at Hillside. We embrace that Jesus loves us just the way we are, and yet He loves us so much He is not willing to leave us that way. As we walk with God, changes will occur to make us stronger in our love for Jesus and more devoted to making more disciples.

Hillside is about following Jesus. We strive to be a family that extends grace, mercy, and forgiveness; a place where people of various backgrounds love to experience. We welcome you to discover freedom in Christ, no matter your life situations and experiences.